Privacy Policy

robinboost main aim is to give the best privacy and security policies. The privacy policy highlights the steps require to collect the customer information. Also, it get details of customers from other websites and use them for other usages. Here are some of the important points that the customers must know about the details on collecting the information. Also, it help users to identify the details personally.

Collection of information

we collects the customer details of they contact us in any manner. Also, if they share the details with us on their own then also we have customer's data. The information that we collects from our customers are as follows:

  • Our website collects data for customer's details, such as identity and contact information. Also, we collect details for financial Data, stored Information. In addition, the website collects information like transactions and locations.
  • If the customers have linked their account financially we also get the information from such places through Plaid Inc. by choosing to continue further you choose to accept the privacy policies and the terms of services of Plaid Inc.

Usage of the Collected Information

the details we take from customer are used to give best services. Also, we use the customer's details to manage their data as per the services and requirements.

  • Also, we need the details to notify the customers for technical notice and software update. Also, we use the information to send security alerts timely.
  • Also, we use the information for queries, offers, and discounts. The data we collect also help us to protect them from legal rights. Also, this data help us from different legal claims that customer can use against the company.
  • By collecting information we also came to protect our customers from any fraud or other unlawful activity.

Information Disclosure-

robinboost protects the privacy of the customers and shares the information with only the third party vendors who are trustworthy.

  • Third party vendors are those who provide services for the company. The information is also disclosed with the companies with whom the customers hold their securities, corporate transactions and legal affairs.
  • We make sure that any information disclosed by the company is done only after taking proper consent from the customers.
  • The company discloses information only in case of some important matters related to merger or acquisition and other associated matters.

Third-party advertising

The company uses third party advertisement to understand the online activities of the customers and understand their requirements.

  • The companies collect information through cookies and other online analytics and serve the customers the targeted advertisements which they might be looking for online.
  • The information collected are the times spent, mobile network, browser, and others.
  • The information provided is used for the companies on usage and they tend to use the information to provide better services to the customers.
  • You can also opt out of any of these advertisements if you do not wish to continue.


Customers are given full control of their account such as they can completely update their information by login into their profile and make necessary changes if they wish to.

  • You can upload a photograph if you wish or change their username. You can also adjust your profile visibility settings and unless you choose to make your profile private it will be available to all the robinboost users.
  • You can also limit our access to the devices data such as you are not allowed to grant permission for your device’s gallery.
  • Customers can also stop the promotional links or emails by unsubscribing, but will continue to receive the service related messages.

Rights of California and Virginia Residents

The California and Virginia residents are given special rights such as they can confirm whether robinboost uses their personal information.

  • In case, there is incorrect information the residents can correct on their own. They can personally ask for the details of the information that is shared on the platform.
  • The residents are also allowed to delete their personal information if they wish. Also, they can opt out from any of the advertisements which they are not interested in.
  • The company has a special policy where the residents will not be discriminated against for the choice they have made for giving access to their personal data.

Information about Children

Any information collected by robinboost does not include children below the age of 13 years.

  • In case the company receives information about children below 13 years old, it will delete all the information collected from their history. You can also contact the company at the robinboost.

Policy Changes

robinboost keeps changing the privacy policies as it evolves with time.

  • In that case the company provides additional changes for the customers to recheck the privacy policies if there are any changes made
  • We suggest the viewers and the readers to keep checking the privacy policies to find more about any related changes.