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Robinhood is one of the United Kingdom’s best crypto platform to invest. The highest liquidity drives it and provides swift transactions to meet unmatched values.

Robinhood deals in the trading of Crypto in the European trading market. The users can trade with us to earn Bitcoins.

Robinhood focuses on certain unique features

Try to make an intelligent investment in Robinhood. This platform really offers some customer-friendly features.

1. Seamless API Trading Option

Boost up your crypto trading experience and choose the Robinhood platform for the same.

2. Swift KYC Process

Another unique facility it offers is the seamless and fast KYC process. Don’t worry about regulations, as Robinhood will guide you with proper regulations.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

Robinhood will assist 24x7; thus, customers don’t need to worry about the same. The 24x7 guidance will make the investment journey much smoother.

Robinhood Endures Your Security

Customers don’t need to worry about their safety concerns with Robinhood.

1. 100% Authenticity

Choose the setup to complete the factor Authentication process efficiently. Also, make sure to select the authentication process according to your needs.

2. Complete Transparency

You can explore through the transparency reports provided by us for more clarity. We don’t only claim but also prove it.

3. Digital Asset Safety

We provide complete safety to your digital asset. Thus, you can rely on it entirely without any hesitation.

How to create robinhood account

Let's get your account setup on Robinhood.

Fill out an application using the Robinhood app.

You should receive an email in the next few days. Either verifying that your application has been accepted or requesting additional details.

Instructions for safely uploading your documents will be sent. If we need one to confirm your details.

Remember that opening your account. Reviewing the contents could take five to seven days.

How to make money

On Robinhood, there are primarily two ways to earn money.

Buy stocks or other investments and then sell them for a profit. We call this capital gains.

Receive dividend payments on your stocks. Companies give their shareholders dividends, or portions of their revenues, to them.

The following advice can help you earn money on Robinhood.

Make an investigation. Understanding the business and the sector it works in is important before purchasing a share or other asset.

This will help you in making smart financial choices.

Invest with long-term thinking. Although the stock market has generally became higher over the long run. It can be irregular in the near term.

Long-term investors have a higher chance of seeing their investments increase in value.

Make sure your portfolio is balanced.

Avoid placing all of your funds in one basket. To lower your risk, distribute your funds among several stocks and other assets.

Invest your profits again. Reinvest dividends and capital gains to purchase more shares or other assets.

Over time, this will allow your money grow more quickly.

How to use Robinhood account


In the app. Navigate to Spend (money icon) → Sign up to create a Robinhood spending account.

You must create a new Robinhood account.

If you aren't already a member by utilising the web version of the programme or downloading the mobile app from the programme Store or the Google Play Store.

Pay for it

You have more options for funding your spending account with the Robinhood spending account.

Establish straight deposit: You may choose a direct transfer from the government, such as tax refunds, into your checking account.

Make use of your routing and ACH account numbers: Your financial account number that starts with a prefix is the ACH account number.

The financial institution is identified by its routing number.

When you choose Transfer in your app, you may see your routing and ACH account numbers.

Our partner banks help us in handling transaction processing.

JPMorgan Chase Bank is the one that issues the ACH and routing numbers for the spending account.

This means that in the history of your purchases at other institutions, transactions to and from your bank account can show up as transactions to and from JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Get your Robinhood Money Card activated.

Activate your Cash Card.

Navigate to Spending

Now let us spend → Activate the card → Yes, you can optionally enable location protection and spend alerts.


Round-ups are a service provided by Robinhood Money and are deducted from your spending account. Transactions related to stocks or cryptocurrencies are not made using the Robinhood Cash Card. Transactions involving stocks or cryptocurrencies are not handled by Sutton Bank. You give permission for round-ups to be transferred to your Affiliate organisations from your Robinhood Money spending account. To invest in securities through this programme. You must separately create an ongoing trade order with Robinhood Financial LLC. You must have an account with a brokerage with Robinhood to access round-ups.

Pros and Cons of robinhood:


1. Not like many other platforms of its type.

Free of commission trading is a feature offered by Robinhood. The meaning that utilizing the website to make transactions is virtually free for investors.

Most of the time. Some of the greatest bitcoin trading apps have trade fees as high as 1.5%.

If it's your preference to buy that amount of Bitcoin. There ought to be a Rs. 15 commission that you must pay. However, Robinhood charges a fee that is determined by the order flow.

2. For security, it employs a two-step method of verification. with the application of cold storage.

Safety from cryptocurrencies system attacks is offered by Robinhood.

3. The Robinhood app is easy to use. It suggests that using the user experience is not complex.

As opposed to concealing the most popular functions behind a maze of menus with rigid layouts.

They are displayed in a single menu by the straightforward user interface.

4. The software allow you to purchase stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency.

One application can therefore be used for a variety of purposes.


1. The biggest drawback of utilizing the app for trading digital currencies is the inability to purchase, hold, and sell bitcoin.

It is not possible for you to move your virtual money to another wallet. Use it to take money from other people or make in-person purchases.

2. Robinhood permits trading in a limited range of virtual currencies.

Covering popular cryptocurrency like Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

There are just seven options available to you. Should you wish to expand your cryptocurrency holdings.

3. Only US users are able to use the application.