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How to get crypto statement on robinhood


A cryptocurrency trading platform is offered by Robinhood. Which is comparable to exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini, Bittrex, and others.

A major difference is that Robinhood prevents customers from transferring cryptocurrency into or out of their account. Like regular brokerage houses.

Robinhood provides its clients with an annual Form 1099-B. That details the cost basis and sales revenues from each cryptocurrency trade.

People are able to depend on the 1099-B to disclose digital currency profit and loss on their tax returns. Which makes tax filing quite simple.

Reports on account activity

These are the steps you can take to build a custom account usage report. These reports, which are available for download as CSV files. It detail every transaction you have made inside your savings and brokerage accounts.

  • Go to the next stage. This can be done by selecting Account Choose Menu or by going to the web.
  • Navigate to Accounts and statistics → Reports.
  • Choose create new document.
  • Choose the account you want to generate type.
  • The report's start and end dates under Personalize your report.
  • And then click Generate report.

Report generation might require up to 24 hours. But it usually takes two hours.

When it's prepared for download in Reports. They will let you know.

Statements of accounts

  • The procedures below can be used for viewing or downloading an account statement.
  • Go to the next stage.
  • By selecting Account Pick Menu or by going to the web.
  • Select statements every month under Reports and statements.
  • Please choose the kind of profile you currently have with us. Such as
  • Investment Retirement The digital currency Brokerage

The PDF for a given month's statement can be seen or downloaded within the first two weeks of the month that follow.

Confirmations of trades

By taking the above actions. you are able to get your trade notifications for orders that you complete.

  • Go to the next stage.
  • By selecting Account Choose Menu or by accessing the web.
  • Pick a Historical Period
  • To view the specifics of a trade, choose it.

When calculating their overall digital currencies tax. Some investors are curious. If they can combine their digital currency transactions in their Robinhood profile. The idea is to combine all of the trades using the "pool" approach. Employ a cost basis allocation method like FIFO to arrive at a more tax- beneficial outcome.

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