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What you require to begin robinhood


You must have a device that satisfies our needs and fulfill each of the following conditions separately in order to be considered for a Robinhood account.

  • Be at least eighteen years old.
  • Own a current National Insurance card
  • Have a bank account in the UK
  • A residential address in the UK
  • Have residency in the UK for income tax benefits
  • Not a citizen of the US


In the app, go to Spending (money icon). Then Register up to create a Robinhood spending account.

You must create an initial account. If you are not already a member. By using the web version of the program or downloading the app for your smartphone from the program Play.

Pay for it

You have more options for funding the expenses account with the spending account:

Establish a direct deposit:

Paychecks and government deposits.

It as tax refunds. It can be instantly deposited into your bank account.

Make use of your routing and ACH account numbers.

The spending account number that begins with a prefix is the ACH account number.

The financial institution is known by its routing number.

When you choose Transfer in your app. You may see your routing and ACH account numbers.

Our partner banks help us in handling transaction processing.

JPMorgan Chase Bank is the one that issues the ACH and routing codes for the consuming account.

This means that in the history of your purchases at other institutions, transactions to and from your spending account can show up as transactions to and from JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Get the Robinhood Cash Card activated.

Activate your Cash Card for Robinhood:

  • Navigate to Spending (money symbol)
  • Now let's spend
  • Activate the card
  • Location Protection Indeed.

Turn on Link accounts.

Spend Alerts at your discretion.

You'll require your debit card data in order to connect your Robinhood Cash Wallet to other accounts.

By choosing, you can discover your card number, expiry date, and CVC.

What if my card was returned?

To ask for a new card or to check if your old one is still being sent:

  • Proceed to Spending
  • You can check the delivery condition of your card using a debit card.
  • Choose Have you got your card, then select No to place an order for a new one.
  • To conclude, follow the on-screen directions.


The needed things to get the Robinhood account is explained in the blog. Do follow the steps to get the login.

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